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Black Owned Beauty Brands to Support

With recent events in the world, I thought it would be fitting to list some Black-owned beauty brands I've either tried myself or was told by you, my followers, I had to try & support. Since I was basically born, my family has made it a point for my sister & I to really understand equality & how we need to be accepting of anyone no matter gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. This being said, it is so insane to me that it took this long & this many tragedies for people to really start opening up their eyes but if we're going to be real better late than never. I hope for everyone to keep posting, reading, having those uncomfortable conversations, and educating themselves & others about BLM. Make it a point to take action on what you're talking about. It's all a matter of growing from here, we've seen & heard about the tragedies and racism, now learn & grow from your mistakes.

I've compiled a list of brands & linked them so you can easily navigate to where you can purchase.

+ HoneyPot

+ Waterless

+ Briogeo

+ Range Beauty

+ Juvia's Place

+ Beauty Bakerie

+ Eden Bodyworks

+ KNC Beauty

+ Golde

+ Epara Skincare

+ Beneath Your Mask

+ Pattern Beauty

+ The Lip Bar

+ Melanin Haircare

+ Hanahana Beauty

+ Mented Cosmetics

+ Shea Moisture

The list can go on & on... Stand up for equality, support Black-owned businesses, & make a difference. It's as simple as a Google search to be able to make a difference.

Comment below with more Black-owned beauty brands to support!



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