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Keeping Yourself Entertained at Home

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

I'm sure it's not anything you haven't heard but pretty much the whole country is in a panic because of the Coronavirus. People are self quarantining, people are actually being quarantined, & others are literally taking every possible product from the grocery store as if we're going through the zombie apocalypse (I don't understand the obsession with toilet paper?). This is actually a very serious matter, I'm extremely aware aka why I'm staying indoors if possible, but as long as everyone keeps themselves healthy & takes care of the elderly people in their lives we can get over this. For real though, check in on your grandparents, parents, & neighbors.

I'm trying to keep myself indoors mainly because I'm constantly around my grandparents & I find it a little irresponsible to be going to bars or the gym where people could be sick & not even know it. I wouldn't want to spread any of those germs to my grandparents.

Now, the point of this is to give you some things you can do while staying in for the time being before you go a little crazy. We all know we're not used to having our entire families together in a house or being 24/7 with your significant other so here's to keeping calm & not losing your shit.

- Give yourself a "self-care" day. Wash your hair, put on a face mask, lather yourself in lotion, lay in a robe, & binge that show you've been trying to make time for with a glass of wine. We all need one of these every once in a while, why not now?

- Take a walk. People think that the virus is at the point where we can't walk outside yet but take some time & go for a walk (if you don't feel sick) by yourself to just get out from being stuck inside. As long as you don't come into contact with someone you're fine so take that walk around the block & get fresh air.

- Tan. Staying completely indoors isn't good for you either, go out to your backyard & get some of that Vitamin D.

- Purge. Clean out your closet, clean out that junk drawer, clean the house, just finally do those little things nobody likes doing/doesn't have the time to around the house.

- Have a movie marathon. Binge some new movies with your significant other. Take this time to have quality time that you might not be able to get as often.

- Get your creative juices flowing. Working a full-time job, 8-5 Monday - Friday, I don't have all the time in the world to really put my 100% to my blog. Although I still have to go into work, I'm taking this time of not going out the other time I have to really focus on writing some blog posts I've been meaning to get to. Get creative!

- Workout. Even if you put your gym membership on hold, get that at-home workout in. We have so many ways to access an at-home workout from apps to YouTube there's no excuse.

- Clean your makeup brushes. Perfect time to finally clean all those brushes since you probably won't be using them for a bit.

- Read a Book. I'm not the biggest reader but I have been wanting to get more into it so maybe this is my chance.

These are just a few things I'm going to be doing to keep busy instead of going out. Did I mention this is the BEST time to save money? Definitely going to be doing a lot of that these next couple weeks or however long it is until things get better. Stay healthy, take care of yourself, & just remember while the virus is contagious, so is panic so be conscious of what healthcare professionals are suggesting.

PS. I linked some cozy things you can use or wear while being at home! Just click on the image & be directed to the page you can purchase.



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