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Self Care Must Haves

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with all things self care whether it be a good mask, a luxe moisturizer, some lymphatic drainage, the list goes on and on. I'm constantly being asked by friends what are some must-haves I have on deck so I'm here to give you the breakdown you all need ASAP.

To start, my weekly routine looks a little like:

- AM skincare routine when my skin is really needing it. I really suck at doing a full routine every morning but I'm working on it.

- Jade rolling usually about twice a week (Pro tip: keep your jade roller in the fridge for that extra cooling feeling... you'll thank me later)

- PM skincare routine every night.

- Facial steaming once a week. This is something else I forget sometimes or get lazy to do but I'm working on it. I usually try to do this when I'm doing a mask and relaxing which lands on Sundays for the most part.

Some skincare must-haves in my cabinet are a light and refreshing cleanser, oil based cleanser, thick & luxe feeling moisturizer, light moisturizer with SPF in it, a rose water spray, vitamin c serum, face oil, toner, eye cream, and a lip mask. These are all used throughout my AM/PM skincare routines. I've linked my current favorites below, plus some other options I've used before and loved!

Now for self care must-haves... I need a jade roller in the fridge, a facial steamer, a multi-purpose mask, a mask applicator, coffee body scrub, and a good tanning product. I probably sound super high maintenance, which isn't a bad thing when it comes to your self-care, but let me give you the 411 and why you absolutely need all of this.

A jade roller is amazing for lymphatic drainage and getting rid of that morning puffiness you probably tend to get. Keeping it in the fridge makes your morning feel that much more luxurious plus it really helps with inflammation. I received my facial steamer as a secret Santa gift and I think that's the cutest idea ever, plus you're giving your friend a little at-home facial moment. Seriously, you'll feel like you're getting a professional facial especially after you throw on some serums. I say a multi-purpose mask cause I love a good traditional mask but one that I can wear to sleep, wear as a moisturizer, etc. is always a plus cause it's less work for me. Get yourself a mask applicator. You'll feel extra boujee, trust me. The next two kind of go hand-in-hand for me. A coffee scrub is a great, natural exfoliator that you can use when your skin feels extra dry, when you want to get rid of an old tan, or even when you just want to give your skin some extra loving. I suffer from eczema so this is a must in my shower routine like once a week. Lastly, I think I can speak for anyone here that when you're tan you just feel 100x better about yourself. I love a good self-tanner and if I'm not naturally tan like in the summers, this is a lifesaver.

This pretty much sums up what I love to have in my cabinet to make sure I get some much needed self care time while using products that make me feel extra luxe and boujee. I highly suggest you get yourself a super high maintenance self care routine, you'll be so thankful to have that extra you time, trust.



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