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The Ginger Life Come Back

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

If you're new around here... welcome to my blog, The Ginger Life! And if you've been here before when things looked a little different... welcome back!

So long story short, I started my blog about a year and a half ago and honestly wasn't able to keep up with it half as much as I had wanted. I think what played into that was a little bit of time management, not being super happy with my web design/content, & being away for school not being inspired by anything around me to create that content. Now that I've graduated, I have a full time 8-5 job so my schedule is a lot more structured, & I'm back home in Miami where everything around me is pretty I feel like I can REALLY get into this blogging life I've always wanted to be in.

That being said, I'm starting fresh and I'm so excited for my dream career to really take off. I have a lot of hope for 2020 in multiple aspects in my life and my blog is one of the main parts I see really flourishing. I want to create a real community based around my followers, I want to create, I want to be creative, & all that good stuff!

I started The Ginger Life as an outlet to show people the things I'm interested in which includes fashion, skin care, travel, wellness, & so much more. When I was deciding on what I wanted my blog theme to be I knew it had to be "lifestyle" since I couldn't narrow it down to just one thing. That brought me The Ginger Life, because it's my whole life that I want to share & bring knowledge about certain topics to people who would be interested.

So there you have it, this is my fresh start to The Ginger Life and I hope you follow along on all my upcoming blog posts. Comment below anything you'd be interested in reading from me!

Follow along on here & my Instagram @theginger_life!



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